Shows & Event Program

Brand-new experience
to meet Sake.

Sake Shows

@ Sake tasting stand YAMAZEN-TEI in 2F restaurant area

Konoike Zenemon, master of Sake shop alongside of Benten road introduces his selection of finnest Sakes at YAMAZEN-TEI. Whether you are Sake drinker or not, you can enjoy the show.

13:30 / 18:00
Weekend / Holiday
12:30 / 14:30 / 18:30

Performance in
pleasant heat

Rouryu Show

@ Jingu-bo, 2F Bedrock area

A famed physician in the past, Manase Dohsan's apprentices present detoxifying Rouryo show. Detox your body and mind while enjoying spectacular performance in bedrock.

Weekend / Holiday

※Additional bedrock admission will be applied to entering this area.

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