Rooftop Garden
There is a grand Japanese garden of about 3300 square metres on the rooftop, adorned with a waterfall, a big pond and colourful seasonal blossoms. Events take place near the big pond at the center of the garden where you will also find the stage. Additionally, we will regularly hold there buddhist worship activities. This is the best place to enjoy yourself in a relaxing environment.
Rest Area / Recliner Lounge
We have put in place rest areas and recliner lounges in various spots inside the venue.
Relaxing Room
2F SPA machi
Couch sofa area for you to relax and unwind.
Waiting Square
2F Solaniwa honmachi
Waiting Square 2F Appreciate here the Rakuchu Rakugaizu painting on the wall while thinking about how you'd like to spend your time here.
SPA Room
2F Solaniwa honmachi
Sit in our tatami area where you can unwind comfortably and stretch as you like.
Rest Room
3F Inemuri Town
Find a spacious relaxation area which suits different purposes, including recliners with TV and private rooms for ladies only.
Book Free Rental
3F Inemuri Town
There are about 15,000 copies of comic books and magazines and many books of other kinds. You can peacefully enjoy your reading time in the recliner area.
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