Hot Spring

Solaniwa Onsen's Hot Springs
Come and enjoy low alkaline hot springs water which emerges from some 1,000m underground. Flowing directly from the source, this "beauty skin water" will bring you great beautifying effects. We offer a wide range of Onsens, from open-air springs flowing directly from the source, terrace baths with fantastic views of the grand garden, carbonated and four-season springs. In addition to this, you can find in our facilities a sauna and body scrub services which will help you leave all fatigue behind. Enjoy a tranquil retreat in Solaniwa Onsen, in a Japanese room with your own private open-air bath in a beautiful private Japanese garden. These room feature tatami mat, shower, TV and DVD player. You can bring food and beverages from the café located on the same floor. Solaniwa Onsen is definitely a great place to ease your daily fatigue and recharge for tomorrow. This is the magic of Solaniwa Onsen.
Silky Bath
5F Bentenyumachi
This bath has lots of ultra-fine bubbles that give the Onsen a silky, milky texture. The water here will help you get rid of all the dirt accumulated in your pores.
Carbonated Bath
5F Bentenyumachi
The carbonated water of this bath gets absorbed by the human body through the skin, improving blood circulation and boosting the metabolism.
Theme Bath
5F Bentenyumachi
This bath plays on our senses. Touch, smell and vision will perceive changes according to the time, allowing you to experience feelings from different seasons.
Garden Bath
5F Bentenyumachi
Forget about the city's hustle and enjoy a precious time relaxing while overlooking the 3,300 square meters' rooftop Japanese Garden.
*We apologize in advance for that you may not see the garden by weather or time of the day.
Origin Bath
5F Bentenyumachi
The thermal water comes directly from the spring's source. Known as "beauty skin water", this onsen possesses unique water qualities, which will leave you amazed by the smooth feel on your skin after a stimulating bath.
Open-air Bath
5F Bentenyumachi
Experience the changes of all four seasons as you go through an exhilarating bath which will leave you with a new look from the inside out.
Cool Bath
5F Bentenyumachi
This bath will help you drop your body temperature, activate your autonomic nervous system and tighten your skin.
Family Bath
5F Bentenyumachi
Enjoy a tranquil retreat in Solaniwa Onsen, in a Japanese room with your own private open-air bath in a beautiful private Japanese garden. We offer 2 large private rooms and 8 small ones, and Karaoke machines are awailble for rent for large rooms. A room accessible by weelchair orreduced mobility guests is also available.
4F Sky Garden
Put on a yukata from the Onsen and indulge yourself with a footbath.
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