Bedrock sauna
We offer Rouryu in Jingu-bo with Rouryu - Finnish sauna, Kawadoko-bo, low-temperature rooms with spaces for you to relax, and rectangular rooms of kawadoko style with a variety of Bedrock sauna to help your detox.
2F Bedrock sauna area
Themed around Kyoto's Nanbandera temple on the whole, the room comes in a Western style with stained glass windows and steamy effects.
2F Bedrock sauna area
Get a taste of Rouryu - Finish Sauna. Expect it to be as hot as our festival celebration atmosphere! The projector in the room will let you enjoy your sauna while watching fun Rouryu shows.
2F Bedrock sauna area
This room is rectangularly-shaped like Kawadoko. Floor heating is used to keep you warm.
2F Bedrock sauna area
Bath in natural light, sit back and loosen up.
2F Bedrock sauna area
The room sits next to the waterfall where you can feel the coolness of the air.
2F Bedrock sauna area
The room is designed around the theme of Japanese-style seating, here you can enjoy rock baths packed with Japanese decor.
2F Bedrock sauna area
Find here unique rock baths and a themed room showcasing the formation process of salt flats.
5F Benten yumachi
Enjoy the high heat of our sauna which will bring you sweating in an instant. This will help improve your blood circulation, boost your immune system and get rid of toxins accumulated in your body.
Mist Sauna
5F Benten yumachi
This mist sauna room is specially designed for women and uses moderate temperatures to increase the body heat in a slow fashion so that you can have fully benefit from the water's beautifying effects.
Detox drinks
2F Bedrock sauna area
Enjoy detox drinks with fat-burning powers, allowing you to sweat out he stress accumulated daily in your body.
Foot and Ear Therapy
2F Kaimon Place
Experience our therapeutic ear massage which activates the autonomic nervous system, improves the blood flow and lymph circulation. In the other hand, our Cupping Therapy will improve your blood circulation bringing anti-aging and detoxicating benefits.
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