Benten Street
2F Solaniwa honmachi
The main street in the food/store area. If you walk by there, why not stop and pray to our symbol “Solaniwa-Tenjin” after crossing the arched bridge, good things might happen if you do.
Kaku-uchi Show
2F Kuidaore place
One of iconic characters, Zen-emon Kohnoike will give multiple shows. Come listen to his talks about his passion for Japanese sake. You will of course be offered to join our sake tasting of carefully selected varieties.
Roryu Show
2F Jingu-bo (Bedrock sauna area)
Another of our characters Dosan Manase was one of the greatest doctors of the past. In this show, he and his pupils Den-nen and Man-nen will entertain you with a detox fire show.
Shop / Service
Clothing line-up for rental
2F Spa machi (Kimono rental KYONISHIKI)
We have variety of Japanese clothing such as jinbei and koikuchi-shirts (festival clothing) and so much more. We have matching sets that you can wear with your partner.
2F Spa machi (Kimono rental KYONISHIKI)
Take breathtaking Instagram pictures and have fun dressing in our rental costumes. Become a Ninja, a Samurai, Machi-musume or any character back from the Azuchi-momoyama era. If you dream it, we can also plan and organize the historical photo shooting of your life time.
General store Benten-do
2F Kaimon place
We have so many exciting items from our original goods to Japanese traditional crafts. Discover specialities of Azuchi-Momoyama time and so much more.
Photo house OSAKAYA
2F Kaimon place
Pick up area for all the pictures you might take at the photobooths available around the facility.
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