Kappo Ukiyo-Tei
2F Kuidaore place
Do you know about the legend chef Sekisai Tsubonai who serve meals to Nobunaga Oda back in 1570s in Kyoto? We created a restaurant imagining what it would be like if he had a restaurant. We offer you Japanese uniqueness and culture with our creative cuisine.

Ukiyo-tei is temporarily closed due to the renovation.

Izakaya Nawanoren Izumi-ya/ Tsunokuni-ya / Kawachi-ya
2F Kuidaore place
These 3 restaurants were inspired by inexpensive restaurants for people building Osaka castle back in 1580s. We serve traditional and comfort food.
Bar, Café
Kakuuchi Yama-Zentei
2F Kuidaore place
Discover our fine selection of Sake from all over Japan, which will pair perfectly with our traditional Japanese finger food.
Café Komachi-Chaya
2F Bedrock sauna place
We serve here a variety of drinks that will help you burn fat and elevate your body temperature at a certain level which in turn will help improve your blood circulation and induce perspiration. Of course, we not only offer choosen drinks but also plenty of succulent healthy dishes.
Café Tenga-Chaya
5F Takigamicho
Taste the Hyorogan, a popular rice-ball back in 1850s. On the side, you can also enjoy our Japanese sweets such as “Shira-tama”, rice snacks, and many more. All of our menu is inspired by the most traditional Japanese food culture.
Liquor store Kohnoike-yamanakaya
2F Kaimon place
We specialize in offering carefully selected, high-quality Sake and liquors from Kansai. For the more adventurous we also offer selection of alcohol from all over the country.
MEIKA (Candy and Snacks)
Solaniwa confectionery
Try out our snacks and candy selection. They are all made with typical Japanese ingredients sourced locally in the Osaka region. Nothing better than sweet delights to bring back home as gifts or to indulge in small guilty pleasures.
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