Beauty and Relaxation
We are one of the greatest relaxation facilities in Kansai region. We have close to 50 kinds of treatments: From the light Japanese body therapy, to genuine aesthetic treaments which rejuvenate your whole body and make you feel amazing from head to toe.
Relaxation, Keiraku Inn
2F Spa machi
Massage & Este Keirakuin is the relaxation facility of the highest rank in Kansai. You can receive nearly 50 kinds of services there to make yourself relaxed and beautiful.
Body Treatment
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
Our exclusive body treatment will target your stiff muscles through vertical stimulation, keeping a constant pace and making you relax both physically and mentally. (Extra charge)
Japanese Body Treatment
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
This treatment comes with a novel approach and new techniques unlike any other. Avoiding postions which will strain your body, we will release all the pressure and reach your inner muscles. (Extra charge)
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
Stretch your skeletal structure and the muscles surrounding them to relieve tension and balance your core. This treatment will release your stiff shoulders and back, while also taking away the pressure built up around your internal organs allowing them to work in a better way. (Extra charge)
Foot Care
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
Using reflexology foot massage, we target the 72 reflex zones that correspond to internal organs and muscles which balance and strengthen your health. (Extra charge)
Targeting Treatment
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
This treatment targets specific points and is personalized to each individual needs. We recommend to combine this therapy with either our Body Treatment, Japanese Body Treatment, or Foot care. (Extra charge)
Thai Therapeutic Massage
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
We combine the two major therapeutic massage techniques that have been used in Thailand for centuries “Wat Pho method” and “Chiang Mai method”, so to improve your health and chase the stress away. (Extra charge)
Facial Treatment with Ultrasonic Wave
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
We use our original cleansing oil to provide firmness and resilience to your skin. Our facial technique with Ultrasonic Wave will bring out your true beauty. (Extra charge)
3D Facial Therapy
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
Our traditional hand technique targets your skin and muscles so to form and lift your facial structure. We also recommend this to help heal eyestrain. (Extra charge)
Shin-Netsu Detox Oil
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
Our original detox oils help ridding the body of toxins, waste and unhealthy substances. They will increase your blood circulation and raise your body temperature for an anti-aging effect and will also help you lose body fat. (Extra charge)
Metabolism Enhancement and Slimming
2F Spa machi (Relaxation, Keiraku Inn)
We use hyper knife technology to warm your inner body, then with our special hand piece we attack and eliminate stubborn fat and cellulite. (Extra charge)
Hair Dresser
2F Spa machi (Kimono rental KYONISHIKI)
Costume rentals and hair settings that will bring you back to the Azuchi-Momoyama era (approx. 1558-1600 CE). (Extra charge)

Available without Using our facility.
Akasuri (scrubbing)
5F Body Scrub
Did you know that scrubbing is one of the oldest beauty treatments that originated in ancient Rome? No? Me neither. We use traditional techniques and adjust to current customs by using unusual techniques which enhance your health and beauty.
Fish Therapy
4F Benten garden (Gyoshuka)
Fish therapy involves placing your feet into a tub of water which contains small “doctor fish”. This species is known for its ability to eat dead skin from the feet, revealing smoother, newer skin in a comfortable and stimulating way. (Extra charge)
Shop and Self care
Benihana cosmetics
2F Kaimon Place
Benihana cosmetics. 2F Back in 1550s-1600s Azuchi-Momoyama era Tora Minagawa opened a cosmetic store in Kyoto, today she is our mascot and offers a variety of cosmetics made from Japanese ingredients such as Japanese sake, Koji(melted rice) and gold.
Locker room with more
2F Powder room
Our women's locker room is around 100m2 large and comes with one of a large powder rooms. Find serenity in a Japanese modern atmosphere that will make you relax and enjoy taking care of your skin and hair.
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